2 Apr 2009

Building continues...

We've been continuing the build in Cataclysm.. the ground level is nearly done in the central part of the city. The bar has been open for some time, and shops are open for rental. Peripheral builds outside the main part of the city are still under construction, as are attractions and living spaces over 100m altitude.

28 Feb 2009

Rebuild - Round 03

Slowly we get further, not as fast as we thought as new problems get encountered. But still you can see the testing and shaping of the sim. Textures, stairs, more buildings. It all getting edited even though its still more trying out then the real thing.

20 Feb 2009

Rebuild - Round 2

This last week it been silent on the building frontier. But on the side of plotting, thinking up new ideas and concepts, was it a busy week. Viola placed down a big wall for inspiration where pictures and photo's where placed to give the needed ideas.

Later in the week the build got abit more shape as stores and other items where added to give an impression of how it would look and feel.

And tomorrow or sunday we hope to get an agreement on the design of the build so we can do some serious building and finish this to create a new home for many!

15 Feb 2009

Rebuild - Round 1

We have started. The whole town was removed after the "Burning BL Party" and the land was clean and empty. High in the air is the bar though and a few residenthomes. And as i told meself to take pictures to monitor the build i finally took abit time to show them here.

This first picture is the clean land with only the model in the middle. From here the first draw is made.

Then all the dummy towers where dropped down and i can tell you it was impressive to see the small model get alive into a big one! And big it is.

And here there is already added abit more, also at the side is the construction of shops and the new bar.

And one picture from above it all to give another impression.

7 Feb 2009

The rebuild of Blacklist

In the coming weeks you might see alot of changes. We are planning a rebuild and everything goes prety fine sofar. Viola made a great design, and once it's done we hope you all be stunned by the looks and the fun! We will go for a new direction, so it be a change of what we got now, but believe me it will be great.

So keep your eyes and ears open.


24 Aug 2008

Blacklist DJ Schedule

This is our current DeeJay schedule...YAY!!

Balp - 01.00-03.00 pm slt

Ellie - 01.00-03.00 pm slt

Sidonie Vantelli - 01.00-03.00 pm slt

Sysperia Popp - 04.00-06.00 pm slt

Balp - 01.00-03.00 pm slt

Yoshi - 04.00-06.00 pm slt

Sidonie Vantelli - 01.00-03.00 pm slt


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